International Fashion Designer Pauline introduces her Paul & Paulina line of (men’s and women’s) clothing to the world.

Dr. Pauline is an International Fashion Designer & Image Consultant and the President of PAUL & PAULINA BY PAULINE Brand since 2011, she helps successful businessmen, businesswomen, celebrities, and beauty pageant competitors all over the world with special designs on their outfits, enabling her customers to showcase their passion on stage and achieve their future goals with the concept of “Bespoke by Pauline.”

Born and raised in Thailand, Dr. Pauline now markets her fashions through international retail outlets and now believes it’s time to bring her particular style concepts to the world.

Dr. Pauline believes “What you wear should be you, suit you and reflect how you want to portray yourself in your career. That idea has been consistent in all of my works since the very beginning working with many types of people in many countries.”


Dr. Pauline believes that fashion can help create a good first impression leading to improved communications. “My fashion helps develop people to have the best image with their clothes. What they wear can help create a positive first impression that can be the start to successful communications.” To summarize, she says, “I just want to make people feel good about themselves and their lives.”


Dr. Pauline says that she is the first fashion designer in Asia to focus on the internal image of one’s self as a source for design ideas. “In my speeches on ‘Imagining Yourself,’” she says, “I emphasize creating an emotional lifestyle, not only a fashion style. And this has deeply resonated with people and been quite successful.”

In addition to successfully conveying a deeply profound and individual fashion sense, Dr. Pauline is a solid businesswoman with a keen ability to spot the right opportunity, location, and space and turn it into a thriving business. “To successfully open fashion stores on a worldwide scale is not easy. Besides expertise in fashion, we need to have other factors such as business knowledge, capital, and a sense of when the right opportunity is.”

Dr. Pauline is blessed by a supportive family as well as the joy of working with people. “I have always had great support from my family to travel abroad and to study in many developed countries. I love to work with people. My dream is to connect the fashion world because each country is unique having its own culture, traditional styles, and materials such as silk, batik, lace, and crystal. I use these materials from around the world to make beautiful fashion even better.”

Pauline’s menswear line, Paul by Pauline, seeks to smoothly combine the touch of Western culture with that of the East while considering body features. She says, “  I always focus on developing the Oriental style which fits smaller frames better and is in harmony with the culture.”

Her designs, she says, can inspire men to feel successful by their own instincts. “The Classy-Elegant-Trendy-Successful-Intelligent continuum is my perspective for the Paul by Pauline line. Paul is my dream and I want to be the woman who can empower a man to create his image of life.”

Pauline notes that her Paul and Paulina’s lines are growing fast. “We have customers in many countries We want to reach out to our loyal customers around the world. In fact, we are starting to take online orders from customers worldwide.”

“I am excited to help develop the image for people all over the world,” says Pauline.


Dr. Pauline’s strategy to move forward in her brand is simple. “I focus on the idea of ‘Image Consulting Services by Pauline’ to allow my customers to truly express themselves”


Dr. Pauline became an Image Communication & Body Language Expert in order to educate adults and youths about presenting the best image possible and train them in intercultural etiquette.


In 2017, she opened “SELF IMAGE INTERNATIONAL”  – The New School for Image” from her passion. She helps business people, teens (13-18), and kids (age 8-12) to feel more confident about themselves. She also works to prepare them for later on connections with the International World by International Communication Images, giving them the concept of “Think Global, Act Local.”

Dr. Pauline Posh has been providing universities and companies of various sizes training techniques in the art of communication i.e. Body Language Training, 7Seconds Snap Impressions, Intercultural Etiquettes & Universal Manner, and The Power of Style.

Dr. Pauline says  “You want to look your best because you know first impressions matter. You know people, even if they won’t admit it, make snap judgments based on how you present yourself. It influences the way they see you, the way they approach you, and the way they respond to you. But nobody taught you how to put a great outfit together, secrets of body language; a major component of human interaction, business etiquettes; the essential guide to professional success, and how to win the social game by getting and giving snap impressions. My two brands make sure you look your best and capture their snap by Paul & Paulina and Self Image International.”